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Magazine audit results
Current Audit Process         Rule change December 2011.
All Audit Returns dated June 30th of each year have been externally audited pursuant to Rule 3.1.4.

Publishers have the option to provide a Quarterly Annualised Statement (Rule 3.15). Titles that do
not show such statements will show the last external audited figure:

Please Note: All publishers are obligated to complete an external audit for the period ending 06/year for each title. If the title is not showing no audit has been submitted.


[Check key at bottom of report to decode (number) entries]
Publication Date First Published No. Issues Audited Cover Price Figures displayed are PUBLISHER STATEMENT returns for the period ending
31/03/2016 averaged over 12 months: April 2015 ? March 2016
Not all publishers are obligated to submit Publisher Statements. Reports dated
30/06/(year) show Externally Audited returns
Historic Circulation Audit Figures Current Audit
31/12/2015 30/09/2015 30/06/2015 Free Copies Total Net Circulation
Average Net Paid Sales to 31/03/2016 Multiple Paid Sales Directed Circulation Paid Directed Circulation Requested Directed Circulation Not Requested Capped Promotional Copies ANC To 31/03/2016 ANC ANP Sales ANC ANP Sales ANC ANP Sales Australia Other
NZ Classic Car 1991 12 9.99 7773 4 640 246           8663 7773 17 6